Konto Up offers a whole spectrum of accounting services, and at the very centre of our business is bookkeeping for various companies and entrepreneurs in accordance with existing laws and regulations on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For completing our daily business we primarily use the Pantheon accounting software, but we also work with two other softwares Navision and 5 Element. Still, if our clients happen to make requests for other type of software we will be happy to meet their request. We can access your data bases via remote desktop connection and VPN, which is also one of the adventages of working with us.

Our company is on your disposal for the following services:

Help and consultancy in the process of registering your business | Informing clients on the latest law and regulations changes
Bookkeeping in accordance with existing laws and regulations on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina | For assembling all types of financial statements | Keeping track of purchase invoices and sales invoices | Calculating VAT and assembling the requested tax return form | Making calculations for wholesale, retail, export, import | Keeping record of circulation and services | Production calculation for production oriented companies | Bookkeeping of fixed assets and calculating amortization | Keeping record of cash desk in domestic and foreign currency | Calculating costs of business trips in the country and abroad | Assembling all the necessary balance sheets and credit reports | Salary calculations with the belonging tax return forms and paying-in slips | Calculating monetary amounts for temporary service contracts and authors contract | Creating all the necessary forms at the event of hiring of new employees or letting them go
Creating the closing statement | Creating the closing statement, if necessary in English language | Business analyses with arranging balance sheets and results calculations, upon the request of the client | Organising the preservation of the business books and bookkeeping documents
Providing advice in all areas of finance especially in the field of financial policy running | Courier services